AGN physics, massive galaxy formation, turbulence, and cosmology.
Doug Rennehan


Here are some of the materials I have produced for courses I taught as a teaching assistant. I started keeping track in March 2018, so anything before that date is missing.

PHYS 323: Quantum Mechanics I (2019)

Einstein Notation & Notation in General (PDF)
Delta Function Continuity & Matrix Elements (PDF)
Infinite Square Well, Matrix Elements, Context Review (PDF)
Transmission & Reflection (PDF)
Clarification of Expectation Values (PDF)
Spin at an Arbitrary Direction (PDF)
Commutators, Spin (PDF)

PHYS 323: Quantum Mechanics I (2018)

Review of vectors, complex numbers, and differential equations (PDF)
Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues (PDF)
The Postulates of Quantum Mechanics (PDF)
Why can we model things as harmonic oscillators? (PDF)
Brief Points on Observables (PDF)
More Solving Schrodinger's Equation (PDF)
Griffith's Quantum Mechanics: Example 3.8 (PDF)
Griffith's Quantum Mechanics: Problem 4.2 (PDF)
Magnetic Field Sweep (PDF)

PHYS 248: Computer Assisted Mathematics and Physics (2018)

Generating the frame of a square (iPython notebook, PDF)